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Direct supply of EU, USA and China equipment

Purchase abroad without transportation troubles...

Translation of tech documentation

Clear manual for any specialist...
Main Advantages


  • Direct supply of equipment from EU, USA and China
    Purchase abroad without transportation troubles, custom clearing or certification; lowest service payment and shortest delivery time.

  • Translation of tech documentation
    Clear manual for any specialist. Some purchase amount will allow us to provide you with considerable concession for translation up to free of any charge.

  • Why do you need us?

    • Custom-tailored approach.
      Our specialists are ready to visit your facilities, learn your production needs, help to prepare a technical specification, and make technical quotation for your project in the shortest period of time. You are also very welcome to call us or come and get a qualified advice and help in terms of equipment or software required. Starting with compositing of a technical specification, your project will be hold and managed by a well-qualified specialist. You will be followed by him through all the steps of your project and he will be ready to solve any question, someway or other connected with it, any time.

    • Price policy
      Owing to spending policy, our company is able to offer flexible discount system. Moreover, all the equipment engaged will be supplied per minimum prices of our suppliers that will favorable decrease your project costs as a whole.

    • International business
      We are a large international company with a head quarter in Germany (Berlin) and representative offices in USA (Atlanta), China (Guangzhou) and Russia (Saint Petersburg). This helps us to promptly react to customs enquiries, provide exact and up to date information on items requested as well as suggest competitive prices and soonest supply

Custom-tailored approach
Pricing policy
International business

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